Group Therapy

Group therapy Sessions

The 8 Week Journey

Group therapy can be a powerful way to work on a specific issue while connecting with others who may have similar experiences to yours. Different from individual therapy, the focus is on process, psychoeducation, and group reflection. Below are the current group offerings. Currently, all groups are being held online.

The Program

Your Syllabus

Week 1: Awareness & Automatic Pilot
Week 2: Living in Our Heads
Week 3: Gathering the Scattered Mind
Week 4: Recognizing Aversion
Week 5: Allowing/Letting Be
Week 6: Thoughts vs. Facts
Week 7: Taking Care of Myself
Week 8: Maintaining & Extending New Learning
Our Area Of Expertise


Divergent Wellbeing treats adults with a wide range of challenges including but not limited to:


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We support individuals of all sexual orientations, gender identities, faiths, ethnicities, races, ages, sizes, and abilities