The First Step

Individual Psychotherapy Sessions

Individual therapy looks different for everyone. We may work on skills related to managing anxiety, navigating relationships, processing past trauma, or practicing mindfulness. Our intention is to work with my clients toward meeting their individual therapy goals. We use a variety of evidence-based techniques to find what will work best for you, including dialogue, interpretation, cognitive reframing, awareness exercises, mindfulness & meditation, self-monitoring experiments, visualization, and journal keeping. We will always inform you of any risks associated with any exercises before attempting them.

Let's get to know eachother

Your 10 Minute Phone Consultation

Before we schedule our first session, we’ll conduct a phone consultation that lasts about 10 minutes. This to gather some background information, find out what your goals in therapy are, answer any questions, and find and if we are generally a good fit.

VIrtual Psychotherapy

Convenient Online Sessions

One-on-one psychotherapy sessions run 50 minutes. All sessions are conducted virtually via telehealth. If video conferencing is unavailable to you, I am happy to conduct sessions over the phone. Services are currently available to residents of Washington State. 

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Divergent Wellbeing treats adults with a wide range of challenges including but not limited to:

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Please contact us and we can work out the best time to meet together.

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We support individuals of all sexual orientations, gender identities, faiths, ethnicities, races, ages, sizes, and abilities